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Not that your rack will weigh too much, as Wild Country has also produced an extremely light set of Friends, with each device, apart from the #4, weighing less than an ounce more than the corresponding BD Ultralight.

The new Wild Country Friends are really well-rounded, very smooth to operate, and extremely ergonomic.

My only wish is that the company had made a larger range of devices, as I would love to have these guys in very small or very large sizes.

They also contain deeper grooves than their BD counterparts, which make the Friends easier to place. Companies like Wild Country and DMM that use adjustable slings on their cams advertise this as additional weight savings because you can bring less alpine draws … Since climbing on the Friends, I’ve never once brought less alpine draws because I had the adjustable slings, but I’ve enjoyed having the extra extension for many reasons: 1.

Deep placements It’s hard for me to come up with suggestions for improvement.

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(Historical note: Jardine is widely credited with inventing the cam, though similar concepts had previously been put forth by other climbers, notably Greg Lowe.) In the decades since, Wild Country saw its market share diminish at the hands of Black Diamond’s Camalots and some slightly more specialized cams, such as CCH’s Aliens.