Jewish dating portland oregon

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Jewish dating portland oregon

Feel your adrenaline pumping as you navigate dips and twists and conquer eddies and currents.With the sun at your back, lush forests at your side, crystal clear water at your feet, and your lovebird in tow, you’re sure to log miles of waterlogged memories! • DIY Brunch - Pop over to Slappy Cakes for a morning of flirtatious flapjack flipping!For couples who do not attend synagogue, sometimes the parents of one or the other have close connections with a rabbi who would officiate at the wedding.If there is no close connection with a synagogue, you may wish to attend services at various synagogues in the area to see how the rabbi conducts services and interacts with people.Think interactive hibachi meets upscale IHOP: you’ll combine flavored batters and fun fixings (lemon curd and blueberries - yum!

Congregation Beth Israel is proud to be a part of the Portland community since our founding in 1858.

• Two Heads are Better than One - Marry your brainpower to dominate at Quizissippi, the weekly trivia event held at Mississippi Pizza Pub that tests your knowledge of peculiar - but themed! Whether the topic is animals or ten-letter words, the Hey Jude vegan pizza and a martini from the candlelit Atlantic Lounge make this night a winner!

• Rafts & Laughs - Go whitewater rafting on the Clackamas River!

Local dating in Portland can take countless shapes and forms!

Whether you’re a backpacking bicyclist or trend-setting fashionista (or both!

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  1. She doesn’t like to be tied down, although she will do anything for the right partner, and unless she feels her biological clock ticking, she will not give in to the formal expectations of a relationship.