Outlook public folder calendar not updating

Posted by / 13-Jul-2017 18:41

Outlook public folder calendar not updating

It was scheduled to be fixed in 15.20 but Outlook 15.20 was pushed back for QC.

You can revert to 15.8 or wait until Outlook 15.20.1 or 15.21 is released.

Public Folders(see screenshot) Nothing is displayed under the Root. I have confirmed i have access via windows Outlook 2010.

As per @Kaltsas said Microsoft has abandoned Public folders.In Microsoft Outlook 2013, folder and calendar permissions can be disabled by your organization or may not be a supported by your account.Many third-party calendars can be added to Outlook with limited options.Select "Whole Calendar" to share your entire calendar.Click the "Details" drop-down and then select a level of detail.

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Choose "Full Details" to include all details, including description, subject, location and date.