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The activities are diverse -- dinner, happy hour, art jamming and live performances -- facilitating natural interactions among people of various backgrounds such as musicians, carpenters, businessmen and doctors.Dinner is not recommended, as one of Lee’s dates found out the hard way.It was dripping with sauce and his mouth was covered with it.It was so disgusting and he didn’t seem at all embarrassed. So even if you don’t meet the love of your life, it seems you could come away with some amusing stories.Instead, he went on to introducing himself like nothing had happened, ‘Hi, my name is so-and-so. “I remember one date I had where both of us knew instantly that we weren’t for each other.My job is...’ For the entire time, I was trying to hold in my laughter. In those seven minutes of alloted time, we ended up guessing each other’s jobs and why we were there,” recalls Lee.Prescreening is extremely rigorous, so you always get qualified individuals like CEOs and directors.Last November, Hong Kongers were captivated by a potential marriage between a 26-year old “Hong Kong beauty” and a 39-year old multimillionaire.

Lunch Actually: A matchmaking agency specializing in one-on-one lunch dates in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

My Blackberry goes off at around 10am with emails and calls from girls asking about their dates.” If you’re not one for competition, matchmaking agencies also provide one-on-one lunch or dinner dates for HK,000-10,000 per package.

Recommended agencies: Dateday: A Hong Kong matchmaking agency specializing in dinner for six and one-on-one dates.

“Immigration Department figures show 2,409 marriages registered in Hong Kong last year between mainlanders and local women -- a more than six-fold jump from 10 years ago, when there were 390 such marriages.” ("Northern Charms”, City6, Life, South China Morning Post, 8/27/2009, by Elaine Yau).

“There has been a two to three time increase in female clients inquiring or participating in Shenzhen day trips since we started our business in September of 2007," says Chan.

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